Dogs and Their Humans

December 11 2017

Have you ever stood outside of the WSP dog run, dogless, wishing you could be petting all of those adorable pups? Whether you’re dreaming of borrowing a dog to go inside or you just want to give endless belly scratches, the dog run is a fun place to be.

Luckily, we’ve got an insider at the run. Tesa—a WSPC photography volunteer—and her dog Nala are at the run nearly every day. And while we wish we could be on the inside of the run with Nala and Tesa, she decided to bring the dog run to you! Check out these paw-some pictures of WSP dog run dogs with their humans:

This pup looks a bit starstruck 😳

Dog Run 1

The coolest cats dogs at the run 😎

Dog Run 1 (1)

You weren’t sitting here, right? I can fit:


Wait, is that a squirrel?:


Most fashionable duo goes to:


Even the dogs need a break:


A warm jacket is the key to warmth in the dog run’s winters:


Contemplating life in the dog run:


These are just a few of the regulars that come to the dog run every day! If you want to learn more about the dog run, check out the WSP Dog Run website for more information.