The Mounds are Expanding

November 28 2017

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If you walk through the Park’s Southwest corner, you’ll hear the joyful sound of children’s laughter as they climb, roll, and lounge on the mounds. After the Park’s 2014 redesign, the newly-refurbished mounds quickly became one of the most popular places to play.

That’s why the Conservancy has funded an expansion of the turf and sod along both sides of the mounds. The expansion of the turf will give children more space to run and play, and gives their guardians a larger area to sit and store their carriages.

Updates began two weeks ago as workers from SynLawn, which manufactures the soy-based turf material, began enlarging the turf sections. Park gardeners selected the sod and have been laying it down over the past week. Years of play and use compacted the soil, and our team has been hard at work aerating and prepping each section.

Since we began the project, we’ve heard this popular play area called the hills, rope playground, and the grassy knoll! Whatever you call the mounds playground, it is important to keep the space clean and safe for all to enjoy. This includes maintaining the turf, weekly cleanings, and now the expansion! In just a few days, the freshly-surfaced area will be open for play and lounging.

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