A Doggone Good Time at the Park

November 3 2017

There are many Park regulars we say hello to on a daily basis, and that includes four-legged regulars too!

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Photo courtesy of Eileen Shulock

The Washington Square Park Dog Run (WSP Dog Run) is home to thousands of dogs and their owners. Living in a large city, it’s often hard to find green space for dogs to simply be dogs. The two dog runs in the Park give them all—big and small—the freedom and space they need.

Eileen Shulock—the executive director the WSP Dog Run organization—started volunteering with the Dog Run because she noticed it needed tidying. She informally designated herself as the one-woman cleanup crew. “I got involved because I cared about everyone having a good experience,” recalls Eileen, “and that included having it clean and well-maintained.”

And well-maintained it is! With hundreds of four-legged friends and their owners coming through the Park each day, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of work required to keep the dog run clean. Thanks to the hard work and fundraising of volunteers, the runs are always stocked with bags, water bowls, and balls for dogs to play with.

When asked about their favorite part of the Dog Run, Kathi Jacob—a long-time WSP Dog Run volunteer—mentioned the social aspect. “This is a place for dogs, for people, and for having fun! The dogs even have best friends in the run.”

We’re grateful for volunteers like Kathi and Eileen that have dedicated their time to help keep the WSP Dog Run a safe space for dogs and owners to enjoy.